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Foundation Boroondara is a community foundation which aims to build a more caring, connected community committed to social inclusion and cohesion. Research from Cappo, D (2002) quoted in "Vic Health Summary 2: Social Cohesion A determinant of Mental Health and Wellbeing (Jan 2005)" has defined social exclusion as 'the process of being shut out from social, economic, political and social systems which contribute to the integration of a person into the community'.

In the early years of our development, a partnership of Foundation Boroondara, the Rotary Club of Hawthorn and Camcare commissioned Dr Janet Stanley from the Brotherhood of St Laurence to investigate the issues of Social Exclusion in Boroondara. The Stage 1 report was released in 2004 and one of the significant recommendation was to do further research into the experience of social exclusion in Boroondara.

The findings of the Stage 2 report were presented at a Forum of community leaders on 3rd April 2007. The April forum brought together leaders of all backgrounds (including business, service organisations, Government and non Government agencies and schools) to consider how we as a community can develop and implement strategies to change the circumstances of children who experience social exclusion.

Dr Stanley's reports of Social Exclusion in Boroondara are attached.



The 2001 census provided a conservative estimate of 4,594 children aged under 15 (approx 3063 families) living in poverty in Boroondara . More recent data from the ABS census data and the OECD poverty lines indicate there are approximately 3978 families in Boroondara living below the poverty line. This equates to 7,558 children under 15 living in poverty in Boroondara, an increase of 3000 children since the earlier study.
The recent census data and the earlier research provide a strong rationale for the continuing development and implementation of the CHANCES scholarships and the Kinder + programs. both promote and increase life opportunities for financially disadvantaged people in Boroondara.

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