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"Violence against women is the leading contributor to death, disability and ill-health..."  

Violence against women is the leading contributor to death, disability and ill-health  in Victorianwomen aged 15-44 years. There were 645 reported incidents of family violence in Boroondara in the year 2013-2014.

The consequences of family violence are far reaching. A violent household has profound psychological effects both on partners and children. Children of violent households don't study well. They think of themselves as different from their peers and become socially isolated. Some will mirror violent behaviours into the next generation.

Victims of family violence -mostly women - will often elect to 'live with" the violence, because the consequences of not doing so are formidable and frightening:
Where will I go?  What will happen to the children?  How will we live?  What will he do when he finds out?  What will others think of me?

Many cases remain unreported.

The provision of expanded refuge facilities and services for women is a particular focus for the Boroondara Cares Foundation

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A CHANCE for Boroondara Students

Boroondara Cares Foundation (formerly known as Foundation Boroondara) through its CHANCES Scholarship Program supports talented and motivated young people to overcome barriers to educational success. Our program aims to provide opportunities and support for young people in our community who are experiencing financial disadvantage and social isolation.


Boroondara Cares Foundation Board commissioned Think Impact to conduct a Social Return on Investment analysis of the CHANCES Program.

Please refer to the following link: https://goo.gl/HTSSGr

The result was outstanding. For every dollar invested in CHANCES, the Community benefits by between 12 and 17 dollars.


2019 Scholarships

New and Renewal Boroondara Cares CHANCES Scholarship applications for the 2019 academic year open on Monday 6 August, 2018 and close on Thursday 6 September, 2018.

Application forms will be available thoughout this period.
Applicants will be advised of the result in November.


File Downloads

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CHANCES Champion

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We are delighted to announce that Frank Vincent has agreed to be our CHANCES Champion. The Hon. Frank Vincent AO QC served 16 years as a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria followed by a further eight years as a judge of the Court of Appeal. He was Deputy Chair and then Chair of the Victorian Adult Parole Board, a position he occupied for 17 years. He has served as a consultant to the Australian Law Reform Commission and Chairman of the Victorian Criminal Bar Association, and since his retirement he has been appointed by successive Attorneys General to conduct inquiries into matters of public importance. From 2001 to 2009 he was the second Chancellor of Victoria University. He conducted a review of the legislative framework for witness protection in Victoria, and was Senior Legal Advisor to the recent State Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the sexual and physical abuse of children in non-government organisations. He was appointed to the Commission in July 2012.


Investment in the Boroondara Community

Since 2006 we have:
        Invested $782,000 into the Boroondara community
        Awarded 708 scholarships to young people in Boroondara 


Our financial and program supporters:

Helen MacPherson Smith Trust, Swinburne University, Newsboys Foundation, Collier Charitable Trust, Baker Foundation, Bendigo Bank,  Rotary Clubs in Boroondara, AS Partners.


Our Sponsors:
Accru, Barker & Barker Media, Dreampool Productions, In (My) House Publishing.



Our focus is to facilitate educational CHANCES for motivated young people. The CHANCES Scholarship Program was developed to assist young people who have skills and passion to achieve, however require financial assistance to complete their goals.


Boroondara Cares CHANCES Story
In 2005, research undertaken on behalf of Foundation Boroondara  (now Boroondara Cares Foundation) noted: The general level of affluence seeks to camouflage the difficulties by those who are socially excluded. (1) 
Our research indicates that approximately 4,000 young people are living in poverty in the Boroondara ommunity. These young people may be socially excluded and cannot fully participate in kindergarten, primary, secondary or tertiary education due to lack of money, resources, relationships and networks.

From small beginnings, the Boroondara CHANCES Program now raises over $160,000 each year to support the CHANCES scholarships across Boroondara.The scholarships, provide funding for educational items at secondary schools or tertiary institutions that have a huge impact upon the academic learning of our cholarship recipients. 
We believe that the scholarship gives our young people a sense of empowerment, self-belief and self-motivation.
(1) Social Exclusion in Boroonadara (Stage Two) Janet Stanley -2007


What we cover
The scholarship can be used for textbooks and stationery, uniform, camps, excursions, computers, Myki tickets, musical instruments and tuition costs and other course-related costs, plus VET and VCAL-related items.

What we do not cover

We do not cover school fees,
Students who do not live or study in Boroondara,
Students from self-supporting families.


Privacy Policy
Boroondara Cares Foundation always respects your privacy. Personal information requested by us is usedto enable us to respond to you, to inform potential supporters of the work of Boroondara Cares Foundation and to ensure we maintain accurate information.

Media Consent
This form is made available so that scholarship Recipients may approve or deny the use of their image in stories by Boroondara Cares.


When to Apply
We only conduct one round of the CHANCES Scholarships - in August each year.



The success of our efforts is measured by evaluations each year.

We ask all successful applicants to complete an evaluation in May of each year.


Helen Worladge OAM
Boroondara Cares Foundation
CHANCES Program Manager
E mail: BCFCHANCESThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">@gmail.com

Mobile: 0438 024 764

Helen Worladge OAM
Boroondara Cares Foundation
CHANCES Program Manager
PO Box 2182
Hawthorn, VIC 3122 


Come and experience the wonderful fresh produce from the Farmers Market held on the third Saturday of the month (and fifth, if there is one) at Patterson Reserve, Auburn Road, East Hawthorn (Melway 59E4. You can purchase all manner of fruit and vegetables, free-range eggs, handmade pasta and sauces, breads, jams and biscuits direct from the producers. With your shopping done, sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a fresh pastry in the sunshine.

Entry to the market is a $2 donation, it's open from 8am to 1pm. Foundation Boroondara and the Rotary Club of Glenferrie share the entrance donation and stallholder fees.

Dates for the Farmers Market are given on the Events page.

Friends of the Boroondara Farmers Market

Raison d'Etre for Foundation Boroondara

Foundation Boroondara is a community foundation which aims to build a more caring, connected community committed to social inclusion and cohesion. Research from Cappo, D (2002) quoted in "Vic Health Summary 2: Social Cohesion A determinant of Mental Health and Wellbeing (Jan 2005)" has defined social exclusion as 'the process of being shut out from social, economic, political and social systems which contribute to the integration of a person into the community'.

In the early years of our development, a partnership of Foundation Boroondara, the Rotary Club of Hawthorn and Camcare commissioned Dr Janet Stanley from the Brotherhood of St Laurence to investigate the issues of Social Exclusion in Boroondara. The Stage 1 report was released in 2004 and one of the significant recommendation was to do further research into the experience of social exclusion in Boroondara.

The findings of the Stage 2 report were presented at a Forum of community leaders on 3rd April 2007. The April forum brought together leaders of all backgrounds (including business, service organisations, Government and non Government agencies and schools) to consider how we as a community can develop and implement strategies to change the circumstances of children who experience social exclusion.

Dr Stanley's reports of Social Exclusion in Boroondara are attached.



The 2001 census provided a conservative estimate of 4,594 children aged under 15 (approx 3063 families) living in poverty in Boroondara . More recent data from the ABS census data and the OECD poverty lines indicate there are approximately 3978 families in Boroondara living below the poverty line. This equates to 7,558 children under 15 living in poverty in Boroondara, an increase of 3000 children since the earlier study.
The recent census data and the earlier research provide a strong rationale for the continuing development and implementation of the CHANCES scholarships and the Kinder + programs. both promote and increase life opportunities for financially disadvantaged people in Boroondara.

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